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We support solving critical social and global issues by stabilizing and growing entities that seek to improve the world around them.


In 2023 Orange Door raised nearly $14 Million in grants with our clients.  $4.3 Million in private and corporate foundation grants and $9.59 Million in government grant funding! 


Those dollars translate into THOUSANDS of people in need becoming stably housed, employed, educated, and able to live healthier, happy lives.



Private/Corporate FOundation



Our strategy is to assist non-profits in meeting their goals and objectives through comprehensive grant development services.

We work in partnership with our clients to identify funding sources that match their needs and goals throughout each phase of the grant writing process.

We create competitive grant applications for submission to private, corporate and government funding sources while manage all aspects of your grant program.


Orange Door collaborates closely with your team, as we take the lead writing and submitting highly technical and involved government grants.

We have extensive experience in government grant writing, our success includes securing millions of dollars for multiple clients.

Our government grant writing specialist guides you through the complicated maze of obtaining funding from government agencies. 

Nonprofits of all sizes can trust Orange Door for a personalized executive search-strategy to fit their evolving needs.

Inspiring leadership, effective communication, and passion for philanthropic work are some of the qualities we look for in hiring the right executives.

Our goal is to place hardworking, talented leaders into your organization who will fit with your mission and staff.

We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion when searching for exceptional candidates who are a match for your organization


We create customized board development programs tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Orange Door equips your board with leadership skills and resources to help them become better leaders.

We believe it is essential that non-profit boards invest in their staff so that they can run more efficiently. A committed, skilled and diverse group of individuals is important to the success of your board.

Our program will help you find the best structure and responsibilities for each board member.


Donor and member relationships with nonprofits are more personal compared to most business relationships.

We work with nonprofits to help them come up with creative ways to inform their stakeholders of their progress and achievement while defining their mission and goals.

We help them build their brand by creating personalized tactics to help reach more donors and supporters. 

Through multiple promotional campaigns such as annual reports, impacts statements, press releases and more, Orange Door will help organizations provide a clear and compelling display of their successes throughout the year.

Strategic Planning and Advising

If grant makers do not have a clear picture of the grant seeker’s mission, the likelihood of being awarded a grant significantly decreases.

Orange Door’s strategic planning positions your organization for maximum effect. We believe that the stronger your non-profit is on the inside, the more effective and successful it will be on the outside. 

Our strategic planning consultations are essential, and cost-effective— designed to engage staff and board members in a unified vision concerning your mission and goals.

Let us help you with your most challenging projects
Silvio Orlando, CEO
Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services

We have been working with Orange Door Consulting for more than seven years, and they have proven to be superb writers and have produced excellent results for our organization. Much of that is because they take the time to understand fully the various aspects of our organization so that they can address all areas of any proposal they might generate.

Bernie La Fianza, CFO
Penny Lane Centers

We recently started to work with Orange Door and have been impressed with their knowledge and expertise. In less than a year, they have helped us apply for—and win— significant grant income, making a significant impact on our thousands of clients and hundreds of employees. They really get our agency! The Orange Door team goes above and beyond to help us succeed. Thank you, Orange Door!

John Hobson, Founding CEO

Orange Door is the best ROI for the organization. For the money, we get a team of experts for the price of a single staff position. Almost like fractional shares of the full team.


Since 2005 Orange Door has provided clients with the hands-on help they need to succeed. We take the time to understand your mission and programs and we listen to your needs. Our team has the deep knowledge and skills necessary to help your non-profit reach its goals.

Close up Coins in glass jar for giving and donation

It’s that time of year again when, in Southern California, there is no marked change in weather but there’s a flurry of activity. The year end appeal. Whether you’re looking to increase donations or add to your fundraising efforts, the year end appeal is an important part non-profit fundraising. Today I want to talk about three common types of appeals and five tips for success in each type. You may be surprised to learn that the three most common types of year end appeals are: letter, in-person, and email. Okay… maybe that wasn’t a surprise.

Newton's Cradle with Lightbulb With Connecting Dots

It’s hard to think about making plans these days, be it personal, professional, or on behalf of your organization. Circumstances, protocols, guidelines, and mandates are consistently changing and it’s difficult to know if your plan will be achievable in 3 months’ time. Still, this does not mean go home, give up, and make no plans at all! Instead, it’s why Impact Networking, a type of Strategic Planning, is crucial now more than ever.

Office workers are made up of parts of the whole, working on the project.

Government grants have long been necessary but now, more than ever, they are essential for many organizations to stay afloat. Federal funds are being allocated to businesses and non-profits that are facing new challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Great, in theory, but the application process can be daunting and sometimes can take months to finalize. Well, fret not! We have a dedicated team of grant writers, and more specifically, government grant writers at Orange Door Consulting that are experts at managing this process.

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