Grant Writing

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It’s that time of year again when, in Southern California, there is no marked change in weather but there’s a flurry of activity. The year end appeal. Whether you’re looking to increase donations or add to your fundraising efforts, the year end appeal is an important part non-profit fundraising. Today I want to talk about three common types of appeals and five tips for success in each type. You may be surprised to learn that the three most common types of year end appeals are: letter, in-person, and email. Okay… maybe that wasn’t a surprise.

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It’s hard to think about making plans these days, be it personal, professional, or on behalf of your organization. Circumstances, protocols, guidelines, and mandates are consistently changing and it’s difficult to know if your plan will be achievable in 3 months’ time. Still, this does not mean go home, give up, and make no plans at all! Instead, it’s why Impact Networking, a type of Strategic Planning, is crucial now more than ever.